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Survivor-led organisations deserve safe spaces

VOICES is calling for whole community support to ensure organisations created by and for survivors of domestic abuse can flourish in safety.

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An Overcomer’s Poem

Spiritual faith can be the safe space for many women affected by domestic and sexual violence and abuse. An overcomer of 55 years of domestic abuse wrote this poem about the extra ties that can bind women of faith into abusive relationships, and personal, spiritual resistance.

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Overcoming abuse, and how people can represent safe space

A personal perspective on why safe spaces matter, written by an overcomer and VOICES supporter.
Trigger warning: this account contains details of upsetting experiences and abusive behaviours.

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Racism and other intersecting barriers to accessing safety and support

We need to work actively to make spaces and services safe and inclusive for women from all backgrounds and situations, and remove barriers to support due to migrant status, ethnicity, language, neurodiversity, disability and other aspects of lived experience.

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The National Lottery on why safe spaces matter for women and girls affected by trauma

The National Lottery’s research shows that women-centred and trauma-focused initiatives provide particular benefit to victims and survivors of domestic abuse


A campaign for safe spaces online

Online space can feel very unsafe for women and girls in general and particularly if they have experienced abuse. An online safe spaces scheme was launched with the Royal Mail in 2020.


A campaign for safe spaces in the community

UK Says No More campaigns nationally to provide safe spaces in the community and in businesses.


A VOICES team member gives their perspective on safe spaces

A member of the VOICES team gives their perspective on the importance of creating spaces that feel safe.

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Why aren’t family courts safe places for domestic abuse survivors?

The family courts have not been places where victims and survivors of domestic abuse have felt safe, but VOICES is working to help change this, as our CEO explains.


A song of safety

Song for a safe space


A safe haven for recovery

What a safe space feels like, for someone coming to seek support


A Safe Space in practice

One of VOICES’ Trustees gives their personal view of what safe spaces can provide for people recovering from domestic abuse


What does ‘Safe Space’ mean to me?

First in our 16 Days of Activism series is a personal insight into what makes a truly safe space for one individual, that we think sums it up perfectly.

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Training for domestic abuse for family law professionals

VOICES is partnering with SafeLives on an innovative project to develop culture change training around domestic abuse for family law professionals

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Re-launching our consultation and campaigns group

Get together with others to work for change and improve services and public awareness around domestic abuse

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Celebrating Margi Isaac

Co-founder and long-term volunteer, has died of COVID aged 71, and VOICES is hurting